Best Bargains at the Dollar Store

The dollar store can get a bad rap sometimes.  By not carrying celebrity endorsed brands, automatically assuming that everything carried is garbage, when in fact that items are actually good enough for their intended use.  Now you would not go there for quality cleaning products or food items, but for some essentials you can have a significant number of savings at a fraction of the price, and do not have to have any shame shopping at your local dollar store.


If you have been to Hallmark or CVS lately to purchase a greeting card, you were probably in shock when you got to the register to find that a card that will most likely be thrown away shortly after was north of five dollars.  No matter which season or event, you can find a full selection at the dollar store, for a fraction of the price.  I recently had to purchase Christmas cards for co-workers and paid two for a dollar.

Gift Wrapping Supplies

In the same fashion as the outrageously priced greeting cards, same goes for the materials needed to actually wrap the gift if you get from another retailer.  At the dollar store you can find packs of tissue papers for a dollar each, plus all sizes of gift bags.  To complete the wrapping process, you can add bows and ribbon and the total spent would still be nowhere near what it would have cost otherwise, especially if you have to buy for a large group.

Party Planning Materials

Party supply stores such as Party City are great in that they have a huge store filled with all the necessities for any occasion, but what is also comes with is a high price tag.  The dollar store is a great option when it comes to balloons that could run as much as ten times more elsewhere.  Other items that are a steal are tablecloths and streamers to add a little extra decoration, as well as matching cups, adding up to huge savings on the wallet.


As long as you do not go in expecting quality products comparable to even mid-level stores such as Target or Bed Bath & Beyond you will not be disappointed.  The good part about purchasing glassware from the dollar store is that you can purchase single items if needed without needing to purchase an entire set like other retailers.  If you are looking for an inexpensive glass vase to store flowers, the dollar store could be a great option.

Season Themes

You can find something for every occasion at the dollar store that you do not have to spend the big bucks for something you will only use once a year or even throw away.  My wife and I attend a 4th of July party every year at our best friend’s house, and it is nice to pick up some decorations like flags, beads, plates, and napkins to get a little extra festive.  For this holiday season, you can find stockings, candles, and assorted candies.


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