Free Hulu Plus Membership!

Free Hulu Plus MembershipFor those of you who are like me and are too cheap to pay for Netflix, I want to tell you about a cool little dealio I found last week.

Okay, okay. I know there probably aren’t many of you out there who are so cheap you won’t even pay for Netflix (I can think of one off the top of my head–I like to call him Stingy Steve). But I guess it isn’t really about the cost as it is about feeling coerced to use it. We would rarely watch it so it would be like paying for a gym membership and never going, a huge mistake I’ve made in the past and will never make again (eff you, Gold’s Gym).

Anyhoo, I was somehow introduced to Bing Rewards* last week while I was surfing the interwebs. Basically what it boils down to is that Bing really isn’t better than Google no matter how hard they try to be, so they’ve resorted to paying people to use their site for searching. Score!

All you need to do is use their search engine. There’s nothing more to it. As you search, you accumulate points (you only get so many a day) and after a while you can redeem those for rewards like gift cards, sweepstakes, or (the whole point of this post) a 1-month free Hulu Plus membership!

Sure Hulu Plus isn’t as good as Netflix and Amazon Prime as far as sheer content goes (although they do better at releasing content more quickly), but if you’re like me and you rarely spend time watching movies and TV shows and therefore aren’t brand- or show-loyal, it really doesn’t matter. And because I’m on a computer all day long whether I’m hustling in the morning or at my regular day job, all I have to do is be logged in to my Bing Rewards* account and set my default search engine to Bing. Oh! And you can get extra searches on mobile too, but you can earn just enough credits just on your PC to get yourself a 1-month free Hulu Plus membership subscription every month.

It really doesn’t change anything about my behavior, and if I really truly miss Google now and then, I just head over to the website.

So check it out! Head on over to their website*, and even if you’re not down with Hulu Plus, there are plenty of other things that you really don’t have to do anything to earn.

*These are all referral links that give me credits when you sign up and reach a certain status. But the awesome thing is that you can do the same with all your friends!

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10 thoughts on “Free Hulu Plus Membership!

      1. This is hilarious. My first thought was, "Pay for Netflix, are you crazy?" And then I read your second paragraph and realized I am related to the thereinmentioned Stingy Steve. Oops.

  1. I’m a big fan of Hulu Plus; however it’s restricted in my country. I researched a lot about a proper VPN and came across to UnoTelly. The company offers a variety of locations and channels that is fit for my use.

    1. That's awesome. I came across the Hola Better Internet app on Google Chrome, and it seems similar. Not sure if it would work for something like Hulu Plus, but it allowed me to watch the BBC version of Sherlock before it was available in the states.

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