I Got a Scholarship for FinCon 2014!!

fincon 2014Great news, guys and gals. I’m going to New Orleans next month! For those of you who don’t know what FinCon is, it’s an annual financial media conference where personal finance bloggers, finance media and financial services companies all get together and talk about money. I know. My nerdly senses are tingling. I’m so excited!

Here’s the background behind my excitement, though. I started this blog last August as a way to spend time doing something I’m passionate about (talking about personal finance) and turn it into a business. Last year’s conference was in St. Louis, and since I lived in Arkansas at the time, it was close enough to drive. The only problem was that I just barely got a job after being unemployed for 6 months, and we were still in debt for some medical issues my wife was having.

This year, I was getting myself pumped up to go again. I got a nicer job down in Texas and have gotten some pretty slick gigs with my freelancing, so it seemed like money wouldn’t be an issue. Then the medical bills caught up with us again and we found out that my wife is pregnant(!!!), so all of that kind of killed it again. I was devastated. Not only is the conference an opportunity to hang out with all these people I’ve already met online (not in a creepy way), but also to network and find new opportunities to expand my freelancing business and possibly launch into a full-time scenario, which has been my goal since Day 1. But even a drive to New Orleans would be to expensive with a $500 conference ticket and another $400-$600 in hotel, food, etc. Lame.

A week or so ago, I had a random thought that I should check the Yakezie forum. I don’t get on it too often because I don’t get enough time to, but when I checked, lo and behold, there was an announcement by Philip Taylor, Founder of FinCon and generous rockstar, that he would be giving out five scholarships to bloggers who have started since the beginning of 2013.


He had written the announcement a week earlier and the deadline for the application was that day.


When I got home, I jumped onto the laptop and started going through the application. Once I got through it, the pins and needles began….I thought about it constantly and kept checking the site because I wasn’t sure how he’d announce it.

Last Friday, I got the email telling me to pack my bags for New Orleans while I was at work and basically took an extra hour lunch break just to freak out and tell everyone and start getting things in order. Can you tell I’m excited about it? 🙂

Anywho, the scholarship itself is a free ticket plus $100 toward travel. Since I’m driving, that $100 will go to gas. I’ve still got some leftover points from our Chase Sapphire Rewards card, so that should take care of the hotel (NOTE: For those of you who are going, I’m looking to share a room to keep the costs low…or at least for Thursday since that day is already completely booked).

So basically, all I need to pay for is food.

I’m stoked!

It got even better today when I got two new offers for gigs that I applied for recently. Man I love my job that’s not my real job but is my favorite job and will one day become my real job.

Are you going to FinCon 2014? Can I stay in your room? Yeah, I’m desperate, but I’ll pay you in money and compliments

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8 thoughts on “I Got a Scholarship for FinCon 2014!!

  1. Cool news Ben! This will be my first trip to FinCon so, like you, I’m excited to meet people I’ve only met online. Don’t think the Mrs. would take kindly to you sharing our room. You know, twos company but three… 🙂 See you there!

  2. Congrats about Fincon and the new addition coming to the family!
    I was thinking about applying for the scholarship myself, but that is the same dates as a major event at my church so there is no way I could have made it this year. Can’t wait to hear about FinCon15 so I can start planning!

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