The best tips for choosing a decorative mirror

Our narcissistic tendencies are not the only reason why we have mirrors in our homes, and these items can serve a highly pragmatic purpose as well. As a matter of fact, modern, decorative mirrors, square and rectangular wall mirrors, tall standing mirrors and more all available in our homes. An aesthetical aspect of these items is not the only factor in their usage, and creative designers are managing to come up with new shapes and forms of those decorative mirrors.

Since there are numerous design approaches, mirrors can be highly diverse, and this can present a bit of a problem to a homeowner willing to install a mirror in his or her home. Retailers are usually offering a broad range of available styles and designs, and your personal preferences will be the ones who will affect your choice in the end. Every person is different, and our tastes are not the same, and this applies to the process of choosing a mirror for your home.

– Why do we need mirrors in our houses?

Aside from paintings and other similar accessories, mirrors are a common way of decorating our homes, and we rely on them to provide our apartments with a touch of style and elegance. Besides their practical purpose, which is evident in the bathroom area, mirrors can also bring more light into certain rooms by reflecting it from other areas. Furthermore, mirrors can make the space appear larger and more spacious, which is also a highly notable characteristic in certain moments. Brighter rooms can have a positive effect on your mental state and overall mood, which can produce long-lasting and profound changes in your health and well-being. Also, mirrors with soft and attractive frames can add warmth in the place, which means that these items truly deserve to be called multi-purpose.

– Scale and size

As with any other item in your household, you need to make sure that the mirror that you are planning to buy will fit in into your home. For instance, the space above the fireplace is the “prime piece of real estate” regarding decorative elements, and if you want to place a mirror there – you need to make sure that the frame of the mirror will not be too large or too small. Of course, personal preferences will again be at play here, and you are free to do whatever you want in your own house – but a general rule of thumb here would be to leave a few feet from each side of the fireplace when it comes to the width of the mirror. A similar “rule” can be applied to all other areas and rooms, and you need to pay attention to scale and size of your mirror if you want to have the perfect decorative item in your household.

– Style and design

The style of your mirror frame should follow the general concept of your home, i.e. it needs to be in sync with the overall theme of the house. For example, if your design approach regarding furniture is minimalist, it is recommendable to use a frameless mirror or something with a metallic touch to it. Striking lines and sleek appearance will get along well with the rest of the home, and your stylistic preferences will be clearly visible. On the other hand, if you are more in favor of a traditional approach, decorative mirrors with elaborate frames can become the focal point of your room. Gilded leaves and wrought iron branches are an example of this stylistic approach, and when it comes to shapes – round or square mirrors are equally “allowed” for this particular purpose.


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