5 Shocking Money Revelations from My Friends

I've heard a lot of things in my time, but these 5 shocking money revelations floored even me. Take a peek at what others are telling me.

I've heard a lot of things in my time, but these 5 shocking money revelations floored even me. Take a peek at what others are telling me.Thank goodness none of my friends really know about my adventures in personal finance blogging. I am constantly bombarded with their shocking (and kind of stupid) money revelations whenever we hang out, and they turned into a pretty good idea for a blog post.

One time, one of my friends actually thought the word “frugal” wasn’t a word at all, but instead was something I had just made up! Yes, seriously. But that’s not even the craziest thing I’ve heard.

Here are 5 shocking money revelations people have confessed to me in the past.

Shocking Money Revelations

#1: “My Check Bounced at the Movie Theater Last Week. Can We Go Bowling Tonight Instead?”

Umm…What? Going to the movies costs less than $10 and you bounced a check? Plus, if you just bounced a check at the movies last week, maybe you should stay home and save money instead of going out at all. When my friend asked me this I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor.

Luckily, we ended up doing something more frugal anyway, so I didn’t have to worry about her financial situation all night.

#2: “My Parents Paid Half My Rent This Month. I’m Going to Buy Legos When We Go to Walmart.”

A 21-year-old friend of mine confessed that he didn’t have the money in his account to pay his rent on-time one month so his parents had helped him out by giving him some money to pay the rent earlier that week. Then 10 minutes later he mentioned that he’d been saving up cash for “something fun” and decided to spend it on a Lego set at Walmart. Alrighty then! What kind of 21-year-old plays with Legos? #justsayin’

#3: “Should I Buy a New Car or House Now that My Bankruptcy is Over?”

I have a friend who went through a bankruptcy fairly recently, and one day she was telling me about her desire to buy a house for her and her new boyfriend to live in. Her boyfriend also went through a recent bankruptcy during the time he was divorcing his first wife.

Before I could even say anything about the financial stupidity behind her decision to buy a house with someone she’s not married to when they’ve both been through bankruptcy within the last year, she told me about the new car her boyfriend bought just last week. Yikes!

#4: “I Asked My Kid to Pay My Bill Because I Bought a Hot Tub Instead.”

For someone who complains about being cash poor (but flush with assets), you’d think they’d have figured out that spending cash on a hot tub was the not the best investment…especially when they had to ask their adult child to pay a bill for them the very next week. I guess you don’t always grow out of making bad money decisions.

#5: “My Cable Bill is $400, But I Can’t Pay to Keep the Heat on During Winter.”

A distant family member of mine is a notorious freeloader, constantly asking for money from all of our relatives to help her cover checks she’s written and to pay bills she’s “forgotten” about. She has no job and spends $400/month on cable because her husband “can’t live without” watching sports. After taking advantage of her friends and family one too many times, she’s finally had to stand on her own to two feet at 50 years old.

Even after all of these things, I’m still shocked from time to time when I hear crazy money revelations from my friends. I guess this is a good argument for why we need to keep spreading the word about being frugal and other basic personal finance concepts.

What is the craziest money revelation you’ve heard?


6 thoughts on “5 Shocking Money Revelations from My Friends

  1. These are all great examples of things that I hear also Kayla! You would think people understand about priorities and the difference between a NEED versus a WANT. The TV one always gets me. I have friends who come out of college who love sports and spend hundreds a month on the top HD, sports tv, cable package. Then they tell me they don’t know why they can never save money and how lucky I am that i can. The difference is I have the basic cable package and even then barely use it.

    The example of parents paying rent and then the kid going out and buying stuff is another all to common phrase I hear. If my parents lent me money for rent or any bill, I would be saving up to either never have to ask them again, or saving to pay them back. Just because you parent pays the bill and doesn’t say where the money comes from or makes it seem easy doesn’t mean one should take advantage of it or think their parents don’t need it.

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