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circle of control

circle of controlWhat up! I’m just chillin’ in the Dallas Love Field airport waiting to board for our flight to LAX. Even though I took a couple of days off of work just a month ago, I feel like I just barely made it to today. Over the next week, we’ll be hanging out with my family at Disneyland for free! (Sponsored by credit card companies, of course). I’ve been super busy all week trying to get all my writing for the week done so we can enjoy the week work-free, so I’m just going to write about a few things that I’ve been thinking about lately.

My Dream Job Update

Last week I wrote about how I was recently turned down for my dream job. It was a really frustrating and depressing experience, but even during the process of interviewing and completing writing assignments, I gained two new clients. One of those clients liked me so much that they doubled the number of articles they wanted from me each week and now they’re even paying me more.

As exciting as that is, it’s even more exciting because I now officially earn more money from my freelancing than I do my day job. What what! 🙂 What’s even cooler is that last December, I set a goal to be self-employed by the end of the year. Technically, I won’t actually reach that goal because of some things that have been out of our control this year (my wife stopped working because of some health issues), but the whole point behind the goal was to be able to earn enough from freelancing that I could replace my income.

Circle of Control

That leads me to my next point. I may end up writing a whole post on this, but I’ve learned a lot lately about the important of understanding what I can and can’t control, and then focusing all my energy on what I can. I work with some people who freak out about just about everything you could possibly think of  (Hello Ebola!), but when all the dust settles, they realize that there really was nothing to freak out about in the first place–and even if there was, freaking out isn’t going to solve anything.

A couple of months ago, I sort of started freaking out about our debt. But after a couple of weeks, I realized that fretting over it wasn’t going to actually get rid of any of it, so I started thinking of ways to pay it off more quickly. I’m happy to say that we were able to put an extra $100 toward our debt this month through the ways we thought up. And let me tell you, it’s so much more exciting to accomplish something I can control than waste my energy worrying about it. Same thing goes for my freelancing. I can’t control that I didn’t fit what the company was looking for, but I’m able to control how hard I work to get clients who do like what I do.

That’s all I’ve got for you this morning…just a quick one. Have a delicious rest of your week! I know I will 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Your Circle of Control

  1. Congrats on gaining 2 new clients and upping your income! I used to freak out about debt too but it seemed to add more problems. I’d find myself worrying about the payoff date and how far I was from it. So I stopped worrying and dived into more work. Now I don’t have time to worry.

  2. Great job on getting some more clients and monies! You’re absolutely right about not freaking out about things. More often than not, we look back and wonder why we freaked out so much. We may have even learned a thing or two from the situation. Have a fun trip!

    1. I think the learning portion is the next step after not freaking out. It’s crazy how much you can learn from these types of experiences. If anything it’s helped me realize that I can identify with people like I’ve never been able to before.

  3. Congrats on the new client work and beating your primary salary. Sometimes we get impatient and forget to allow ourselves the time to work our plans. Worry doesn’t help anything and I find that the less I demand of the universe the more it wants to give me. When I didn’t get opportunities I was passionate about doing I had to tell myself that if they didn’t want me then it wasn’t a good fit and not meant to be. But when the stars do align it does feel awesome. Once again congrats!

    1. You’re exactly right. Honestly, if I got the job I was trying to get right out of college, it wouldn’t have forced me to try to solve the problem myself (which is how my blog and freelancing started). Looking back, I’d probably be miserable if I had gotten what I wanted.

  4. Adding two clients is great news and the fact that you earn more from freelancing that your day job! Congrats also on adding extra to your debt payment. I found that when I released the tension associated with things that the outcome was not in my power to determine, great things began to happen. Not being attached to the outcome is in of itself, a powerful thing to be able to do.

    1. I think it also really helps to work on being focused on the experience instead of the outcome. Before, I was always waiting until I could quit my job and write full-time. I was convinced I wouldn’t be happy until I got there. Even now, I don’t love my day job, but I’m finding happiness in a lot of what’s going on in my life.

    1. I think you’re on a good road 🙂 As long as you stay on track and you’re making progress, that’s all that matters. If you can do more, do more. But if you can’t and you’re doing all you can do, you’ll still get there 🙂

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