How Money Can Motivate You to Lose Weight

Losing weight is often a trying experience for many people. It seems like there is always something that makes it somewhat difficult to keep off the pounds. Willpower is definitely needed along with the desire to live a lifestyle that promotes health and weight loss. But there is one thing that is quite a motivating factor in many people’s lives…


Yes, money.

For the love of money, people will do a lot of things, even lose weight that they never thought they could lose. If you are interested in losing weight, and would enjoy earning financial perks for doing so, the following information may be of assistance to you.

Savings for Weight Loss

Have you ever considered paying yourself to lose weight? I know, it sounds weird, but many people find that this helps achieve two goals. The first is losing weight. The second is building a savings. This is an excellent way to “kill two birds with one stone”. The process of savings for weight loss is not difficult at all. You establish specific weight loss goals. If you meet those specific goals by a certain time period, you pay yourself a pre-determined amount of money to a savings account. Many people find that this is a very effective way to begin a weight loss journey that not only holds them accountable for their health but also for their personal finances.

Weight Loss Wagers

If you are familiar with the sports wagers where everyone places their money in a pool and places a bet for a particular team, then you have an idea of how a weight loss wager works. The concept is the same except the wager is on who can lose the most weight. There are websites such as DietBet that can help you set up your very own weight loss wagers. You can either bring on your own group of friends, or open your challenge up to the general public. The more people that get in on your wager, the more money you can make, but only if you win of course.  Remember that part of slimming down involves a healthy diet plan recommended by an experienced team. So, a good diet plan with the friendly competition and motivation of a weight loss wager is definitely something that you should consider for achieving your weight loss goals.

Online Challenges

In this age of social media and Internet connectivity, almost everything has become a shared event…even weight loss. This can be used to your advantage to help you meet your weight loss goals while earning money at the same time. A website called Healthy Wage was created off a study done by Mayo Clinic that basically confirmed that people are far more motivated to lose weight when there is a monetary incentive. You can sign up at this website to participate in a number of weight loss challenges. The top weight loss challenge prize is $10,000. You can even earn double your money when you lose 10% of your body weight. This is definitely something to consider if you are looking for some financial motivation for your weight loss goals.

Working Out for Charity

There are some people that are not necessarily motivated by money but want to help others while losing weight. If this sounds like you, why not consider working out for charity. Through sites like Charity Miles, you can easily meet your weight loss goals while also earning money for the charity of your choice. Through using an app on your phone, Charity Miles records the number of miles that you walk, run or bike. Your charity receives 25 cents for every mile that you walk or run and 10 cents for every mile that you bike. If you enjoy giving to charities, this is an excellent way to lose weight.

It appears that money and weight loss can go hand in hand. By using these simple money motivators, you can be on your way to losing weight and earning some extra cash in no time.


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