There are Perks to Online Shopping but be Careful Not to Overspend

Depending how you look at it, online shopping can either be the greatest thing ever invented, or the death of you.  Take a look at the number of deliveries you get on a monthly basis, and if the UPS man knows your name, you could be in over your head with online purchases.  It will take discipline in order to not overspend, but if you stick to a strict budget, online shopping can have plenty of benefits.

Fees like Fake Money

Perhaps the one downfall about ordering items online is that the purchases sort of feel like play money, in that you never actually see the cash leave your hands and go into the cash register.  At least when you are in person you have that second thought to wonder if you really need the item, but online, there is not thinking period really, you order, and worry about it when the next billing statement comes in the mail for you to deal with.

Avoid the Crowds

Now I do feel bad for the mom and pop shops or even the rest of the brick and mortar stores that make me thing back to childhood taking trips to the store and malls, but things are changing these days, and mostly for the better.  You do not have to leave your home.  Not leaving your home means that you do not have to drive to the store, find a parking spot, and better yet, deal with the crowds in the aisles and waiting at the register.

1-Click Ordering

This can be the scary part, in that you do not even have to add it to your cart and review before you purchase.  If using Amazon, it has the 1-click ordering where you can be viewing the item and click once and it is purchased and ready to be shipped out to your home.  Although simple when checking out, it also gives no window of thought when making a purchase, so hopefully you already planned on buying that item!

Free Shipping

As long as you are alright in waiting a few days, or even two if you have Amazon Prime, you do not have to go to the store to purchase the item, and for no additional cost, have the item delivered right to your door.  Although creating extra work for UPS and FedEx, hopefully they can get a bonus for delivering the heavy furniture that have been arriving to my home as of late.  Unless you need an item that minute, save the trouble and have it shipped for free.

Groceries Next?

Grocery shopping is really the only routine shopping that I do every week, but that could change soon.  Hopefully online grocers become more and more popular to carry the items that I can find in Kroger like normal, but lately they have even been testing where you pick out all of your items online and when you arrive to the store it will all be packed and ready to be picked up.


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