Christmas within budget: Avoid money wastage and debt hangover

How much will be your credit card bills in the next month? Is this question engulfing your peace of mind? Yes? Don’t worry!

Here are some last-minute financial tips to manage your Christmas budget in order to avoid a debt headache:

Don’t forget to check out your list twice

Be doubly sure before you take out your credit card for payment. And, before you head towards a store, make sure to draft a list, and no matter what your situation is, try to stick to that. Shopping without a shopping list will make your money flow. So, try to avoid buying the thing which is not on your list and make sure to check the list twice.

Set your priorities right

Christmas holds different meaning to different people. For some it’s a religious observance, some want to spend time together, for some, it’s the ultimate shopping time, for some it’s the time to indulge in some fun activities, and so on. So, what’s your Christmas mantra? Check out and Check out and rearrange your priorities in order to avert a debt hangover.

Spend less time in the shopping mall

The more time you spend in the malls, the longer will be your credit card bills. Retailers have some awesome tricks up their sleeves to attract consumers. So, keep some plans ready following your shopping trip to limit the amount of time spent by you in the malls. This’ll surely help you avoid overspending.

Pick up gifts from online stores

There are some online retailers who promise to deliver your goods up to a few days before the Christmas. You can also avoid the shipping cost and get your goods delivered directly to the recipient’s place. Consider shopping online to avoid the rush of crowded shopping malls.

Use the unused gift cards this time

What will you do if you don’t have time to go to the store? Is this question troubling you? Or, are you feeling hesitant to give gift cards as a Christmas present? If so, then don’t let this question bother you anymore. For a change, you can give gift cards as Christmas present. You can also save your dollars if you have some unused gift cards. See whether or not you need them. If you don’t need them, then use them as a Christmas gift.

Discover the chef inside you

A baked cake or cookies will be the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas. It’ll be the cherry on the cake if you give them cakes and cookies baked by you. Or, you can cook a delicious dish for the Christmas lunch party for your near and dear ones. Believe me, your relatives and friends will cherish this much more than any store-bought gifts. Try your hands at something new this time to stop your pocket from overflowing.

Ask yourself: How will you pay the bill?

It is good if you have made the shopping list and are all set to hit the store. But, before that, take out some time to think of how are you going to pay the bill next month? Will you walk to the station to work to save the bus fare in January? Or, will you find out some other ways to earn more cash? Think and choose in advance so that you get time to manage your finances. Don’t let your bills surprise you!

Take advantage of the credit card rewards

If you don’t have enough money to buy the last item on your list, then use the credit card reward points you have been accumulating for months to enjoy the cut in cost. If you have collected enough points, you can also change them to free flying miles. Don’t forget to read your credit card fine print in order to evaluate various offers.

Select small and simple gifts

Nobody has ever sworn you to buy them expensive and elaborate gifts. So, don’t try to match up to the expensive gift your friend gave you last year. It’ll be stupid of you to do that. Try to keep your gift list simple and small as much as possible in order to avoid a debt explosion.

Go for a cash diet plan

Last but not the least, when you go for Christmas shopping, try to use cash for paying the bills. Experts say that you tend to spend less if you use cash when shopping. So, next time before you hit the store, make sure you’ve sufficient money to pay the bills.

Review the above last-minute financial tips to manage your Christmas expenses and avoid getting into a debt trap.

Don’t think of a debt hangover too hard to spoil your Christmas spirit.


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