How you Can Afford the Car You Really Want Without Breaking the Bank

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The car you drive shouldn’t just be any old motor, it should be an investment in a quality vehicle that you enjoy. You might however think that getting a better car will mean having to shell out loads of money, or that it’s simply something you can’t afford – but this isn’t necessarily the case.

There are plenty of great deals out there just waiting for you to make the most of, you just need pointing in the right direction financially. To help you out then, in this post are three ways you can afford yourself the car you really want, without breaking the bank.

Buy Used but Negotiate

The most obvious way to get a vehicle for a lower price is in the used markets. You can find some great deals on nearly new cars that come with a variety of convenient features and decent specs. However, to really make savings you then need to haggle to try and get some extras from the dealership.

The chances are you’ll be able to trade in your old vehicle for money off the sale of the new used car, but again you may need to discuss how much it’s worth. On top of this, you should enquire about getting full service and MOT as well as warranty cover; you’ll often find that it’s a matter of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’.

Look at Finance Options

Aside from trying to get added extras, whether you’re buying new or used you can always spread the cost into monthly payments on a finance plan. Don’t just take whatever the dealer is offering though, ask about how you can spread the cost and what the APR is like. It might be that a bank or other lender may offer you a better deal.

Consider Car Leasing

For those of you who want a car quickly but are worried about deposit payments or added extras, then car leasing could be just what you need. While you won’t own the car, you can get a brand new vehicle for a monthly fee over a fixed term which covers many typical vehicle expenses. Then, when your contract is up, you simply take the car back.

Whichever of the above you choose is up to you and your budget, but whatever you opt for, a final piece of advice is to make sure you shop around when browsing different cars. This is helpful research you can then utilise when you’re pricing up different options before considering the payment.


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