Is it Irresponsible to Give When You’re in Debt?

give when in debt

give when in debtA few weeks ago, I was writing about some of our debt problems on my blog. One of the things I mentioned that we struggle with is our desire to give to others versus our need to pay off debt. It was only mentioned in passing, but my (until last week’s FinCon) Internet-only friend Stefanie commented on it anyway:

“I personally don’t think it’s responsible to be giving to others financially when you’re in financial trouble yourself. I think there are other ways to give though that should be explored.”

So is it irresponsible to give when you’re in debt? Sounds like a perfect idea for another blog post! But instead of writing it on my own blog, Stefanie was kind enough to let me write it on her blog. Hop on over to The Broke and Beautiful Life to read it!


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