How To Get More Money When Filing A Disability Claim

In case you were not aware of this, a disability claim is similar to the personal injury claims that appear in the media so often these days. The only real difference is that the focus of the case is put on a disability that appeared. Instead of an injury that is normally going to force a recovery period, from the disability you will not recover. It will affect your life forever.

The problem with the disability claim is that you are going to be disabled. Any personal injury claim requires you to fight, gather evidence and basically prove what happened. Since you have a disability, this is going to be quite difficult.

According to Chewning Legal – GB SSDI Lawyer – the person that is faced with a disability and wants to file a claim needs all the help he can get. Trying to go through the process without legal help is a very bad idea.

Why Do You Receive Less Money?

There are some simple reasons why you would get less money than what you should when you file a disability injury claim:

  • There is not enough proof gathered to show what actually happened.
  • The injured party wants to go through the process fast so initial deals are agreed.
  • The process is too lengthy and the injured party gives up.
  • Mistakes are made in the application process.

Out of all the things that could happen, the main reason why people receive less money than they should is that others take advantage of the situation they are in. For instance, it is possible that the insurance company will give you a deal that involves a payment that is far less than what it should be. Due to a desire to get rid of everything, the deal is accepted.

Filing Claims With Disability Attorneys

One of the really easy ways to be sure that you are going to receive more money from the disability claim is to hire an attorney that is specialized in such cases. Make sure that you are going to do this since the attorneys actually take care of the entire process for you, without you having to do anything. This means that the injured party can focus on recovering while the attorney goes through the claims process.

The disability attorney is going to be sure that everything is taken into account when an amount of money is asked. That will count a lot in this process. For instance, a disability will have a lifelong effect on the life of the individual. Due to this, you have to properly assess how much money you lost in the future because of the disability that appeared. This is something that is hard to do but the attorneys have the necessary experience to calculate the right amount. When you try to do this alone, there is a pretty good possibility you are going to ask for a lower amount, one that will not cover all the damages that appear in the future.


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