10 Purchases You Can Avoid Wasting Money On

Whether you are in the checkout line at the grocery store and you see something you want, or the endless hours you spend on the computer each day for work you can get distracted and do some online shopping, there are plenty of items out there that you can avoid wasting your money on.

Formal Attire

I have probably worn a suit or tuxedo a few times in my life, and the tux was measured for a wedding.  To avoid a snug fit for a suit or dress you have not worn in a while, just rent one for the night.

Newspapers and Magazines

Seeing the Sunday paper on your front porch is one of those comfort feelings from your childhood, but now with online news, it is no longer needed.  By the time the new issue of a magazine comes out, you have already head.

Playing the Lotto

Save your money, you are not going to win.  Sorry.

Bottled Water

Buying water at a gas station is way overpriced, and buying a case is where you will save, but really what is the point, when you can just fill up using the tap at home and at the office.  Keep a traveler cup with you and you can refill when needed.

Auto Purchase Instead of a Lease

It is true that as soon as you leave the lot the price goes down, and if you are lucky after six years of paying a huge monthly payment it is yours, but along with all types of maintenance work that could cost you thousands.  Spend a couple hundred each month with a lease and get a new car each month.

Energy Drinks

Not only are they filled with sugar and poison, even worse than soda, they are expensive at a few dollars a can.  If you are in need of a caffeine boost, have a large cup of coffee for a fraction of the price with proven health benefits.

Recipe Books

Sure, we remember our mother’s cookbooks on top of the cupboard with grandma’s old recipes, but unfortunately for knowing which ingratiates to use can easily be found online, even those from the popular celebrity chefs that you see on TV.

Baby Food Blender

This one was item that was immediately returned from our baby shower as it is a cool idea, but can be replaced with our already top notch blender/mixer that essentially does the same thing, just not marketed as a baby item.


My wife and I thought this would be fun to have around the house, but after being married for over 6 years, we have probably only used this once, so save the kitchen space and opt for another item that you will use.

Ice Cream Maker

Going hand in hand with the deep fryer, we thought the ice cream maker would be a way to get natural ice cream without the added ingredients, but little did we know how expensive it is to make it yourself, and does not come out as good as the leading brands.


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