4 Reasons to Avoid Black Friday

I know it’s still a few weeks away, but I’ve already heard of a lot of my friends preparing for Black Friday. We haven’t passed out Halloween candy or carved our Thanksgiving turkey yet, but many major retailers have already released their Black Friday sales ads in order to queue customer interest.

Avoid Black Friday

Black Friday has almost turned into a bigger “holiday” than Thanksgiving itself, which is not something our country should be proud of. With this in mind, here are 4 reasons why you should avoid partaking in Black Friday this year.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

Christmas spending puts many families into debt each year. Those who don’t go into debt to buy Christmas gifts are often working themselves to the bone or giving up other purchases in order to buy more Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Personally, I think that is just silly. This year, I’m trying to avoid giving and getting so many Christmas gifts by embracing a more minimalistic approach to Christmas with my family.

By skipping Black Friday, and all of the other subsequent events like Cyber Monday, your wallet will be much happier and fuller.

The Deals are Not That Good

There have been numerous studies over the years that prove that Black Friday deals are not always the best prices for many purchases. The items that are on sale for Black Friday are sometimes lower quality items. That’s how they are able to mark them down to that low of a price. Even if they aren’t all lower quality, there are likely sales throughout the year where you can find deals just as good, if not better, than during Black Friday.

Remember the Reason for the Season

Regardless of if you are religious or not, there is supposed to be more of a meaning to the holiday season than buying tons of gifts on Black Friday. For those who are religious the season is about celebrating that religion, and for those who are not religious the season should be about spending time with friends and family. We should be appreciating what we already have instead of going out and acquiring more.

Somehow along the way, the reason for the holiday season has gotten lost. This could partly be blamed on retailers for their push of consumerism, but part of the blame has to fall on our own shoulders for giving in and buying too much stuff.

You Could be Sleeping

As if the reasons listed above are not enough to convince you to skip shopping on Black Friday this year, consider the fact that you could be sleeping in your warm bed instead of spending hours standing in massive lines and navigating gigantic crowds of people (inside and outside) during cold winter weather. That alone is usually enough to keep me away from Black Friday.

Black Friday would be bad enough if it were during “normal store hours”, but now that it’s extended into the middle of Thursday night, it’s almost ruined Thanksgiving altogether. Don’t give into the hype of Black Friday this year. Spend time and money on things you truly care about instead.


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