5 Ways to Come Up With Extra Cash this Spring

April showers and May flowers will be coming, as well as a much-needed spring cleaning.  Spring is a time when the winter blues are coming to an end and the sunlight is beginning to peek through in time to put a smile on our face and venture outside without a hat and gloves.  St Patrick’s day is upon us, baseball Opening Day approaching, spring is a fun season that leads into an even better summer, so why not try and generate a little extra cash to pay for your upcoming fun.

Tax Refund is Coming

If you are unlike me and are fortunate enough to receive a tax return, you could have a big chunk of change coming at a perfect time.  With the extra money, you can now put to good use for many projects that you had on hold during the winter months.  A fresh coat of exterior paint, a landscape update, or putting up a new shed are great ways to use your refund that will not break the bank.

Get Rid of the Gym Membership You Don’t Use

Like most Americans, you signed up for that new gym membership around Christmas or the beginning of the new year for your resolution, used it hard throughout January and February, but what happened when March came, your visits become less and less and pretty soon you are paying $50 a month for nothing.  Go outside for a jog or walk, play with the dog, cancel the membership and exercise for free.

Open the Windows and Save on Utilities

The air is probably pretty stale in your home as the windows have been closed since fall, so now is a good time to not only air out the house, but to shut the heat off and take advantage of a few months where you do not have to run the heat (except maybe at night) or the air conditioner.  If you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom you could probably extend avoiding the utilities even more, and save a significant amount for the next few months.

Have a Garage Sale

While you are getting rid of the clutter, moving furniture to dust under and behind, and cleaning out your closet, it may be a good time to get together items that have been sitting, especially for years, and have a garage sale.  For big ticket items that you are looking to sell it may be better to look on Craigslist or eBay, but for household items you could attract a good crowd and put together a nice sum of money to use for something you have been wanting (or to save).

Plant for a Summer Harvest

Gardens are becoming more and more popular, and not just from hipsters.  Have a home garden is a great way to use your green thumb to have plenty of fresh produce as they start to fill in, lasting you until the fall, without having to stock up every week at the grocery store for a premium price.


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