5 Ways to Save on Making Purchases

When it comes to making purchases, you can budget all you want, which you would already be ahead of the game as studies have shown that two thirds of Americans do not even follow a budget, but just buying an item when you are ready may not be all that is needed.  With a few tips to consider when you are ready to purchase an item, you could save even more money to your bottom line when the end of the month rolls around.

Shop with a List

If you have ever gone grocery shopping for a few items in mind and walk out spending over a hundred dollar and a few extra bags later, you know how overwhelming it can be, especially on an empty stomach when you want to buy everything.  Whether it is for groceries or going to the mall, it is always better to stick to your list and avoid impulse purchases.  It will be hard, but keep your head down and buy only what you needed to go out shopping for.

Think About It

Some items you really want and buy on the spot, some you save up for, or some you always think about but never pull the trigger on.  No matter what big ticket item you are in the market for, think about the purchase first.  Many times, when you are ready to purchase the item, especially in person, if you put the item back and go home and think about, you can talk yourself out of it.  It is a little more difficult shopping online, but give it a few days or a week and decide if you really need it.

Compare Prices

These days with so many stores and website to purchase the same item, it only makes sense to shop around get the best deal.  Unless it is something you need right away and drive to the store to get, if you can afford to wait a few days for the item to ship, spend the extra research to save the most you can.  Do this for every purchase, and you will see the savings continue to add up.

Use a Coupon

You don’t have to sit and clip coupons in the Sunday paper to save on an item.  With Groupon, online promo codes, and Facebook posts, you can save money from just about everywhere, it is just a matter of wanting to seek out the savings.  Why pay full price for a meal, concert ticket, or clothes, when there are plenty of discounts out there to take advantage of.

Put on Rewards Credit Card

No matter if you have listened to the advice to save on purchases, there are certain items you are going to purchase anyways, so why not put them on a credit card that will give you rewards just for charging.  With cards, such as the Citi Costco card, you can receive from 1-4% cashback in a check once a year, just for making purchases.  Seems like a no brainer to me.


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