7 of the Biggest Cheapskate Moves

Being frugal is one thing, being a cheapskate is an entirely different level.  Typically, those that are frugal have a greater goal in mind instead of wasting money; they want to save for their future.  Being a cheapskate can be embarrassing to be around, and they try and benefit themselves while usually stealing from the other.  Try and avoid some of the biggest cheapskate moves you can do.

Stealing from a Hotel

Staying in a hotel can be a nice getaway from the daily grind, in a nice clean room and bed, but that does not mean you have to leave with everything in the room.  Shampoo, lotion, and soaps are readily available, but there are those that like to go home with them so they can pile up in their linen closet, only saving a few bucks.

Loading Up on Free Breakfast

Speaking of hotels, many offer a free continental breakfast, and it is common to see those not only loading up their plates with more than they need, but also not being shy to load up on free fruit, bagels, and even cereal and milk for later.  Save some for others.

Hitting Every Free Sample

Part of the fun of going to Costco on the weekends are the free samples, but sometimes it can be a fight to even get one.  You will see people lined up for a chance at the fresh free samples, and even loading up on a couple each.  Do everyone a favor and don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.

Restaurant Theft

Condiments are left on tables at restaurants, especially in the morning when coffee creams and jellies are piled up.  It takes some kind of person to load up on those take them home, like they are really saving much money of what it would cost to buy butter.

Swiping Bar Glasses

I have actually been around a person that had a beer in a smaller 10oz glass with the bar’s logo on it and stuffed it in his coat.  I really could not understand, especially what they are going to do with a single unmatched glass in their collection.  Like most, you probably have too many beer glasses at home and probably don’t need another one.

Hot Sauce Grab

Going through the Taco Bell drive through they can be pretty stingy on the sauces, meaning that it is enough to go with your order, but some like to go inside and fill the bag with extra sauces to have on hand.  We actually have a plastic container of all the sauces we didn’t use, and that is not even asking for more.

Bad Tipper

Last, and least, when it comes to being a cheap stake is being a bad tipper.  Unless your service was to the point where you will never go there again, they should receive 20% on the total bill, or a dollar or two for each drink.  Failure to tip, or short the group, only hurts the sever, or the others in your group that have to put in more,


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