Frugal Things to Do on Memorial Day

Looking for frugal things to do on Memorial Day? Use these tips to kick-off Summer with a blast, all while staying within your budget.

Looking for frugal things to do on Memorial Day? Use these tips to kick-off Summer with a blast, all while staying within your budget.Hey everybody! Memorial Day is less than a week away, which means that the unofficial start of Summer is almost here! I’m so excited I feel like I may wet myself!

I love the summertime. In fact, there isn’t a thing that I don’t like about it – except maybe mosquitos and 100 degree heat. But, with the stifling heat still a ways off, I’m stoked for a little bit of outside time this weekend.

So, obvi, Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. Yet, if you’re not careful, even clean family fun can cause your budget bubble to burst. Here are a few ideas for entertaining things to do on Memorial Day that can help you to keep your budget on-track.

Skip the Movie, Head to the Beach

Duh, right?!?

Even though Memorial Day is a gigantanormous weekend for the movie industry, over the past few years, we’ve just decided to skip it. Movie tickets have gotten so ridiculously expensive that we’ve passed on the movie and went to the beach instead. Yeah, the beach can be crowded, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper than a couple of $10 movie tickets and $20 in snacks – for only 2 hours! Now, we just pack a cooler with a couple of sandwiches, stash some drinks, grab our towels, and barrel toward the beach. We can have hours of fun for nearly free!

If you still need to get your movie in, rent one at Redbox or pick one off of Netflix streaming instead. You can enjoy the show some popcorn from the comfort of your own recliner.

Go Meatless

“Did this guy just say go meatless…on Memorial Day?”

Yes. Yes, I did. Backyard barbeques are a Memorial Day tradition. However, you don’t always need to throw meat on the grill. It may be tradition, but tradition isn’t always good for the pocketbook. Try grilling up some hobo veggies and a having some avoado egg rolls, instead. They’re freakin’ delicious (and cruelty free). Trust me, not every meal has to have meat to be yummy. Throw a curve this Memorial Day and go meatless.

Take in a Parade

Taking the family to a good old-fashioned Memorial Day parade is a fun family event, and it is FREE! If you have kids, they are sure to love a fun parade. If not, it is still a nice way to get out and engage with members of your community. Besides that, there is more to Memorial Day than just food and sun. Taking in a parade allows you to remember what the holiday is truly about. Take some time to honor those who served this year by enjoying a local parade.

Spend Some Time in a Cemetery

“This guy must be nuts. First no meat and now a cemetery!” Yup. Walking through the local cemetery is one of my favorite frugal things to do on Memorial Day.

Maybe I’m just a weirdo, but cemeteries can be some of the most serene and beautiful places around. Unfortunately, very few people actually venture into these garden-like grounds unless they have to. There’s tons of green space and the silence can be soul-quenching.

The cool thing about spending Memorial Day in a cemetery is that many of the graves are beautifully decorated for the holiday. In fact, it actually used to be called “Decoration Day” for this reason. Frankly, it is one of the best times of year to walk through a cemetery. So, take a little time to visit some of your loved ones or just wander around a cemetery near your home this Memorial Day. It is can be a beautifully frugal way to spend some time, and you may just wind up finding a new favorite walking route.

Summer is almost here, and Memorial Day is a great day to celebrate it. Use a few of these tips to make your Memorial Day as wonderful and as inexpensive as possible.

What are some of your favorite frugal things to do on Memorial Day?


3 thoughts on “Frugal Things to Do on Memorial Day

  1. Spending time in a cemetery is definitely unusual… I didn’t know that they decorate the cemetery for Memorial Day! Also, for me personally I like watching parades, and I liked doing it as a kid, so it’s definitely a nice frugal option if you have kids!

    1. We love parades too, especially with the kids. And yes, they do decorate cemeteries for Memorial Day. It actually used to be called “Decoration Day” for that reason 😉

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