What to Avoid Buying Without a Coupon

It can be annoying enough to sift through all of the coupons that come in the mail, clipping the items you think you will buy, not to mention remembering to use the coupons, but it is definitely worth it.  Many items you will find significant savings that you may not be taking advantage of today.


Recently doing Christmas shopping at Carson’s department store there was a promotion for 25% off coupon for the entire order, and if you use the Carson’s charge card, you receive bonus money to use on your next purchase, makes you wonder why anyone would buy anything that wasn’t on sale or with a coupon.  Other stores like Express will offer spending an amount say $200 and getting $75 off the total.  Beware many items end in irregular dollar amounts, so hitting your minimum may be tough and you will find yourself buy a random small item to make the total enough.

Anything at Bed Bath & Beyond

I receive so many of the 20% coupons in the mail that most are thrown away.  I went with my wife the other day and she had 4 coupons to use that she had been saving and they used all of them.  First, I’m thinking, that’s great, we saved a lot of money on items, but then it hit me that their prices must be so marked up that they are counting on everyone using these.  They have plenty of quality items, so save up your coupons and use them all.


It is nice to send flowers on special occasions or unfortunate events, but without looking around, they can really add up.  If you have looked on sites such as ProFlowers and started an order, you’ll notice that not only are the flowers expensive enough, but add the price of shipping and it can get out of control.  One suggestion, leave the website and you will automatically receive emails and clickable ads with coupon codes to use.

Going Out to Eat

Eating out is expensive as it is with its huge markup so that you do not have to cook for yourself, but in having a successful budget and wanting to save money, eating at home with have your greatest savings, but when you do want to go out for a night on the town, have a coupon.  Between sites like Groupon offering deals such as spending $20 gets you $30 to use, and “junk mail” will have buy one get one free and other savings off the bill.

Grocery Staples

The trouble with clipping grocery coupons is that you are enticed to buy items that you normally would not buy.  If you stick to the staples that normally pack your fridge and pantry, then you are saving plenty of money.  If you can catch items that are on sale, plus using the coupon on top of that, you are golden.  You do not have to get the bottom line to zero as seen on the TV shows, but you will get significant savings with careful planning.


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