What to do with the Christmas Gifts You Did Not Want

The holidays are all about giving, but some have some work to do in that department when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for you.  According to Optoro, which helps retailers process returns, almost $70 billion worth of holiday items are returned every year, which even makes you wonder how many of the gifts we give are actually enjoyed.  If you find you have a few unwanted gifts that you have no use for, there are a few options other than tossing in the trash.

Get in the Return Line

The best bet to be able to return unwanted gifts and get the most in return would be to suck it up and head to the busy stores and get in the return line, although the longer you wait will see the crowds die down, but keep in more the store’s return policy, which could only be for thirty days.  Even if you do not have the original receipt it is possible to get a store credit in the form of a gift card that can be used for other items.

Put Them Up for Sale

If you are unable to return items due to being opened or not receiving a receipt with the gift, then trying to sell to get extra money to buy what you want may be in order.  Sites such as eBay and Craigslist are popular places to sell items, with eBay being completely online and shipping, but Craigslist may get a little tricky when it comes to meeting in person.  For those unwanted gift cards, try sites such as Cardpool or CardCash that will let you sell gift cards back, paying for shipping to send cards to them, while giving you money in return, or even trading for other gift cards.

Box Up to Donate

If you are lucky enough to be able to pick and choose the gifts that you want to keep, then maybe those that are less fortunate would be a good place to send those unwanted gifts.  Donations to organizations such as Salvation Army and Purple Heart are a good place to start in that the resale shops can sell at a fraction of the price paid, as well as a tax deduction on your tax return for the gifts donated.  Even better would be to pack up the unwanted gifts, and go visit homeless shelters to pass out clothes that could really help keep warm during the cold winter months.

Keep for Future Presents

The old saying that one’s trash is another’s treasure may be true for those remaining unwanted gifts that you are looking at homes for.  Re-gifting could be a possibility for co-workers, or relatives that you do not see often, as close family and friends could be able to spot presents that were given to you and now wind up in someone else’s hands.  Whoever you re-gift to, make sure you do not give back to the same person, or that could be pretty awkward (thinking of the bread maker in Old School that Frank keeps trying to get rid of).


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