Great Kids’ Gifts Under $100

Remember the days in which you could actually buy candy for a nickel? Nowadays, even twenty dollars won’t get you very far at the grocery store. This increase in prices has made it more and more difficult to buy meaningful and valuable gifts for our kids without going bankrupt. It’s as if you have to literally spend $500 in order to get a memorable gift worth bragging about at school the next day.

Don’t get discouraged- here are 5 great gifts for under $100 that your kids will love for any occasion!

  1. A Custom Skateboard

A skateboard is a cool gift to begin with, made even better when you can customize your own skateboard with the largest selection of old school, mini cruisers, longboards and more. No one will have the same board as him or her, and they get to be part of the design process and put their mark on it. Now that’s a gift worth showing off! You won’t be able to get this lucky little person inside once a gift like this arrives!

  1. A Pet

Many pets like cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. aren’t an expensive purchase but definitely make for memorable gifts. If the supplemental supplies like a cage proves to be over the budget, search for a second hand one in good condition. Your child will be so excited by the new addition to the family that they won’t notice or care if the mouse maze has had a previous owner. However, before you take the plunge, remember the long -term costs of such a pet and consider any potential allergies that the family might have.

  1. Crafting Set

This is the kind of gift that parents love as well, because it will occupy hours of your children’s time. Whether it’s a Mandala Designer, weaving loom, a DIY Slime Set, or a airplane they have to build themselves, not only does the gift make a lasting impression, the memories that it creates can last a lifetime. Cater the kit to the recipient’s interests or ones that you think could become a future hobby or passion. It’s a great way to expose kids to a new skill or craft that could evolve into to something more serious in the future.

  1. Remote Control Stuff

These can get pretty expensive, but you can definitely find some options for under $100, include remote controlled speedboats, cars, and drones. Make sure to buy the right kind of batteries as well, since no one likes having to wait to play with their new toy because batteries weren’t included. Kids love things they can control from a distance and this can lead to hours of fun at the local park.

  1. Camping Equipment

Give your kids the gift of their own “grow up” supplies which they can start using now, like a fishing rod, a quality sleeping bag, or a set of walkie talkies. Not only will it encourage a more active lifestyle and create excitement around camping trips, in many cases they will be able to use these items on a more day to day basis like during sleep overs or while playing spy games.

Many parents and family members feel like if they don’t spend a small fortune on kids’ gifts, they are being bad or selfish. The truth is that kids are imaginative and don’t need to be drowned in expensive gifts in order to have a fun childhood. It’s more important for the gift to be smart and memorable than for it to be expensive- remember, happiness can’t be bought!


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