Guest Posting

One of my favorite thing about the personal finance blogging community is how willing everyone is to share their wealth go knowledge with each other. That being said, I wholeheartedly welcome guest posts. My guidelines for guest posting are as follows

  • You must be a blogger with a website where you post regularly
  • Post should be original content; nothing that has already been published elsewhere
  • Post must be at least 750 words in length and no longer than 1,200 words
  • Please edit your post for spelling and grammar before submitting it; I won’t post it if it’s sloppy
  • You may include up to 2 links to your blog in the body of the post
  • Please send a short bio in which you may include 1 link to your blog or social networking site
  • No affiliate links are allowed
  • You are expected to help spread the post through your social network as well as respond promptly to comments
  • Please send the post in HTML format (If you aren’t sure how to do that, neither did I when I started. Don’t be afraid to ask :))

If you’re still interested after reading through all that mumbo jumbo, mail me at