Investing in Your Business’s Content

You might have heard the expression “content is king”. Though it might have been conceived in the newsroom decades ago, it stills rings true today, with yet an additional dimension. The digital age has brought a new meaning to what “content” is, whether that’s an introduction on a website, a photo on Instagram, or an instructional video on YouTube. The idea of content has widened to encompass everything from flyers, newsletters, blog posts, and creative assets like photos, videos, and more.

Though creating content sounds like a lot of work and a hefty investment of time and resources, it’s worth the effort. Why? Because content still rules as king, and in order to get exposure, good search engine rankings, and any kind of visibility to your target audience, you’ll take this seriously.

When developing content for your company, you’ll need to answer the following questions. They will help you make content which will be most effective in attracting and converting leads, as well as delighting current customers.

  1. What Are You Saying?

When creating content, you should have a clear overarching message you want to communicate to your audience. It could be anything from “we are part of your family” to “the environment is our #1 priority and we must protect it.” Delve deep into your core mission and set of values to come up with your primary message along with supplementary “pillars” which take it further, clarify it, and give more information. Consider what do you want your audience to know and what do you think that they would want to know about you.

  1. Where Are You Saying it?

Where you like to share your content can really impact how you will portray it and who will interact with it. From simple billboards, to inserts included with your products, down to podcasts to listen to on a smartphone, where you decide to disperse your message will dictate how you spend your marketing dollars and which platform to spend time getting to know. From traditional streams to the newest social media channel, be sure to choose the ones which deliver you message to the greatest target audience.

  1. How Are You Saying it?

Language is very important- obviously, as it is the basis of the majority of communications. Something as simple as choosing which language to produce your content in can vastly impact who hears it. If you want to reach a market which communicates in something different than what you use on a daily basis, you will probably want to look for accurate technology translation services for a complex industry. This is especially important for things like product descriptions, manuals, and promotional materials. Apart from strictly the language, the tone in which it is communicated, whether professional, open, personable, quirky, or authoritative, is something to pay attention to.

  1. Is it Working?

How do you know if you are saying the right things and that your audience is responding if you don’t keep tabs on it? Are you seeing an increase in awareness, engagement, and sales? Are you gaining a following on social media or else being rated for good customer satisfaction? Are you getting comments about your revamped instructions? Are you getting hits on your videos? There are plenty of ways to track the work you have been doing and make adjustments as needed for best results.

Investing in professional content for your business is important to the brand image and reputation of your company. When the communications coming out are consistent, correct, relevant, and useful, your audience is sure to respond and you’ll see positive effects sooner than you thought!


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