November Net Worth Update – Up 8.45%

Great month, self! I’m super stoked about our increase for November. We were able to cut expenses across the board and we keep chipping away at our debt. In other news, we got to enjoy the hype and the disappointment of the Twitter IPO, I enjoyed sharing my favorite songs about money, and one of my articles was featured on a large news site, although they left most of the funny stuff out…you can read the real stuff here.

Now, let’s get down to bizness. Our net worth increased by just over $900 this month, which was mostly because of the decrease in liabilities across the board.

Net Worth


A few things worth noting:


Cash. The reason for the huge drop in cash was because we were paying off our credit cards from last month’s purchases. And even though our total cash has gone down, the actual end cash (cash minus credit card balances) has increased by almost $500, which is super sexy.

IRA. The IRA was down quite a bit when I checked halfway through the month, so even though the increase is nominal, I’m just happy that it’s a positive gain, especially because we still haven’t been able to make a contribution to it.

Emergency Fund. We decided not to put anything into the emergency fund this month because there were so many variable expenses that we just didn’t know whether or not we’d have the funds to do it. So we’ll just have to double up on it next month.


All of our debt payments other than the credit cards were just the minimum payments. December is going to be ballin’ for us with three paychecks for me and a bonus for the wifey, so we’ve already written the check to pay off my dad in full. I’ll be really glad to get rid of that.

And in case you haven’t already read about our debt and where it all comes from, the computer loan is a 0% loan through my employer (0% debt is the best kind of debt), and we owe my dad because he helped us out a little when I was still trying to find a job and my wife was in the transition between substituting and teaching under contract. We owe my in-laws for some medical debt they graciously paid for us with their Health Savings Account. That one’s also 0% and we’re hoping to get a nice tax refund so we can crush that one too. Although I guess you have to make money for longer than six months to get a lot back on your tax return…we’ll see how that goes.

As far as the negative balance on our other credit cards, I ordered something from Amazon back in October with Amazon Prime and it never came! So I ended up asking them for a refund, although now that I think about it, I should have told them to ship it to me anyway and still refund me since it was only $4. Next time…my wife got a “free” taco out of it, though.

How was your month? Any awesome things you did for Thanksgiving?


20 thoughts on “November Net Worth Update – Up 8.45%

  1. Our month went fine. I beefed up my retirement savings for the year and covered all of our expenses so that hubby's paychecks could go right into savings!

  2. I'm curious, given the loans you have – how are you prioritizing paying them back? I don't see all the details on rates and such, so it's hard to tell if you're paying off smallest balance or highest rate.

    It does look like you're paying off some combination of highest rate and personal/family loans first. Financially, since they're 0%, the personal loans are actually the worst option. Though, obviously there's a big emotional/psychological reason to pay those off first. I can remember that any debts I owed my parents in and after college were paid off ASAP. I _hated_ owing my father, and he loved to remind me that I owed him. I think that plays a large role in why I refuse to take up any long-term debts beyond mortgages.

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    1. The family ones are 0% but they're definitely top priority because the relationship is more important than the money. As for the rest, we're just doing minimum payments now but once we beef our emergency fund up and can afford extra payments, we'll start with my student loans since the interest rate is higher, then move to my wife's and then to the car loan and computer loan. Thanks for the question. It's always good to reevaluate.

    1. Sounds like an interesting option. I know there wouldn't be any penalties for withdrawing the principal, but would it be worth it if you can't withdraw the increase penalty-free until 30 years later?

    1. Thanks! We're definitely looking forward to the next few months. I have some extra income from freelancing and our expenses are only going to go down after Christmas 🙂

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