October Net Worth Update: Up 2.1%

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Happy belated Halloween! It’s that time of the month again! Today we get to talk about all the awesome and depressing things that happened in October. For starters, October was our first full month of being on our own again! From September last year to September this year, we either had family living with us or were living with family. A year is a long time to have almost no privacy. So I’m digging walking around in my underoos when I get home at night.

First of all, when I did the net worth calculations last month, I made an error I made in last month’s auto appraisal (I used my bank’s system to value our cars and found that I had overvalued them by $500 last month), so technically our net worth went down this month by $278.05 or 2.62%, but since our cars were worth less last month and I just screwed up, AND since I run this show and I do what I want, I’m taking the gain of $221.95, which comes out to be a 2.1% increase. Whoo! It’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s a breakdown of everything for ya.


Cash (-$186.91). We had a lot of extra expenses that came with moving into the new house, complete with a freaking $235 charge just to set up our electricity. But we already got our electricity bill to pay in November and it’s $60 less than we thought! Ballin’! I’m also okay with that decrease since there’s an increase of $200 in our Emergency Fund.

IRA ($237.21). Despite the government’s efforts to screw us all over, the stock market still performed pretty well for me! And that’s without any contributions on our part since we’re still trying to recover from the move and get the e-fund up.

Hondas (-$500). The bank I work for has a contract with NADA so I got to use their special tools to get a more accurate appraisal of the cars. And that’s right, we both drive Honda Civics. After owning these babies, I’ll probably never settle for less than 30 mpg again. One good thing is that we dropped the collision and comprehensive coverage on the one I drive to cut down our costs a little 🙂

Student Loans (1.82). Yeah, our principal increased since last month, which is one of the most depressing things I have ever experienced. We’re going to be excited when the holiday season is over so we can stop traveling and start putting more toward our debt. None of this only paying $1.87 toward our principal crap.

Credit Cards. If you didn’t already notice, our credit card balances are higher than our cash on hand. While this obviously isn’t super exciting, let me remind you that we use our credit card for everything, including rent, and we’ve never paid interest. So this month we won’t be paying them all off today, but luckily the due dates are spread out so I can use some nifty accounting skillz to time things so we don’t ever go negative. And we just have three cards—the main Capital One card, the Chase Amazon card we only use for Amazon purchases, and a new card we got through our bank because they had an awesome promotion that we’re going to take advantage of. After that, I’ll probably just use it as my business card going forward.

Other randomness that that happened in October

Our dog, Paisley, is finally going to the bathroom every time we go out, and she’s been a champ about holding it all day while we’re at work, even with some absences being as long as 12-13 hours.

I found a loophole the other day in the policy at the bank that says I have to wait 6 months before applying to another job within the company (I have 4 months now), so hopefully I’ll be able to get a new and better paying job soon!

I wore a sexy skirt to work for Halloween yesterday 🙂 Mainly because I miss wearing it every day like I did when I was in Fiji. And if any of you question my manhood, take a trip to Fiji and you’ll find some of the manliest men wearing skirts. Then you’ll wish you had one too 🙂

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How did your month go? What did you dress up as for Halloween?



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    1. Yep! It's pretty amazing, especially for times like later this month when we're driving 2600 miles round trip to visit family. I'm digging the low cost of gas!

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