What Do You Get For Someone Who Wants Nothing?

funny-birthday-wishesWhat do you do for someone’s birthday when they literally want nothing? Today is my birthday, for any of you out there who care. And I really struggle with the question, “What do you want for your birthday?” Along with that question are “What do you want for Christmas?” and “How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?” I don’t know!

I have a problem. There were really only two things I wanted this year: money to pimp up my blog a little (coming soon) and Monopoly Deal (delicious if you love Monopoly but hate sitting at a table with your loved ones turned enemies for hours at a time). My mom took care of both of those, so when my wife asked me, I couldn’t give her a straight answer.

“Maybe I could get you a pair of jeans,” said she.

“I have a pair of jean,” said I.

“Yeah, you have ONE pair of jeans that you wear every day,” said she.

“Hmmm…nah,” said I.

The thing is, when it comes to my birthday and Christmas, that’s the time where I ask for all the things I’m too cheap frugal to pay for myself. But right now, I really don’t have any needs, and I really suck at wants. Sure, I have some wants, but I doubt my wife would be cool with wiping out our emergency fund for a trip to Germany 🙂

My wife is awesome

I usually get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to do my freelancing, so when I went back into our bedroom to give my wife a kiss goodbye before work, there was a grocery bag on my side of the bed full of stuff. I’m notorious for “wrapping” gifts in the wrapping I take those babies home from the store in (aka the bag), so that was the first perfect thing.

When I opened it up, the first thing I saw was a pair of jeans, which I accepted and was happy to see they only cost her $13. There was also a t-shirt, which she likes to get me every once in a while, Skipbo, because we love playing card games with each other mano y mano, and a jar of salsa, which is always a perfect gift because I would marry salsa if I could. She’s also making me dinner tonight and taking me to see Captain America in the dollar theater, which I’m super excited about!

Is it all Necessary?

Which leads me to the question, is it necessary to have the whole hullabaloo surrounding birthdays? Do we really need to spend all this money on each other? I mean, I didn’t do accomplish anything here. Shouldn’t we all give gifts to our moms for being freaking rock stars? I mean, they’re the ones who did all the work (good thing my mom’s birthday is three days after mine).

I was also considering asking for money and just putting it in savings, but then I couldn’t think of any purpose for it. I don’t want to put money into savings just for savings sake. It has to have a purpose, like our next vacation (which won’t happen for years now that we’re having a baby(!!!!!)). I was also thinking about saving up for a road bike, since my mountain bike isn’t really optimized for riding to work, but I was a little too late in communicating that to my wife. Oh well, I can start one of my own.

Anyway, even though boycotting is all the rage these days, I’m not calling for one on birthday gifts. I get that people like to be celebrated once a year, and we all like to get presents now and then. Heck, I love giving my wife presents and generally spend more than she tells me to. But for some reason I just really suck at knowing what I want, so sometimes I think it would be easier to just get rid of the whole thing altogether.

Do you have trouble knowing what you want for your birthday? Do you know how many cups of sugar it takes to get to the moon?

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8 thoughts on “What Do You Get For Someone Who Wants Nothing?

  1. how does one use sugar to get to the moon? Does it fuel the Ship of the Imagination? Or does it somehow create a path that one can then walk on to get there? To know the answer (and by know, I mean make one up) I must know how it's going to be used.
    Also, the happiest of birthdays to you! You are sooo old now! (Until I meet you @ age 28 this weekend). 😉

    1. I guess you could go that way with it, or you could just watch A Goofy Movie 😉 And trust me, being 28 is so much cooler than being 27. You have much to look forward to, my friend!

    1. Sometimes I try to skip the gift, but it usually makes me feel guilty because I don't want my wife to feel she has to do the same. Oh well. Life goes on, right?

  2. I've noticed the same thing about not wanting anything for my birthday, especially since I've gotten older. I guess the more time you spend on this earth the less of an accomplishment living for 365/366 days is. If anything, it can be used as a day of reflection to take stock of where you are in life and where you want to be.

    Oh and happy birthday!
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  3. Happy belated birthday, Ben! I'm the same way. When the BF and my friends ask me what I want for my birthday, or even Christmas, I can never give them a straight answer. I used to have a list of things I wanted, but now I'm pretty content with what I've got. I do still want things, but they're things that I prefer to buy myself.
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