We Found a House!!!

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The day has come! 9 months after moving in with the in-laws (whom we are extremely grateful for), we finally found a place we both like. And we don’t just like it. We LOVE it! We actually saw one the other day that we submitted an application for, but even after we were accepted, we weren’t completely unified on it. We were bummed, but we only had to wait another couple of days. From the pictures, it didn’t look like the perfect fit, but as soon as we walked in, we were blown away. It’s way bigger than we need, but the price is actually a little less than the one we applied for earlier this week (and it has about 500 more square feet), and the dude who owns it just renovated the entire house. He actually just bought the house 3 months ago, but his granddaughter has health problems and he is now moving out of state to help take care of her. He kept the rent low because he wanted to get someone in pretty quick, so things just worked out perfectly for us 🙂

We still have to submit an application for this one, but the realtor who has been showing us the houses knows the listing agent and, knowing from the last application how awesome our credit is and knowing that we’re not the marijuana-growing or meth-making type, she told her we’ll be by Monday morning to submit our application and she shouldn’t show it to anyone else. Someone just earned herself some referrals down the road.

So I guess it’s not officially official and stuff, but we’re pretty confident we won’t run into any problems. It will be nice to finally feel like we’re all growed up, living on our own and living the American dream. We do worry about the house being too big. We definitely don’t need all the space, but we’re looking at it in the long-term sense. We actually talked to him about the possibility of renting to own and he seemed open to it sometime down the road if it’s something we’re interested in.

How did you feel when you got your first house? I’m sure it will be even more awesome once we’re actually in it, but I already feel pretty amazing 🙂


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  1. We completed college and had to move in with Mom and Dad because I didn't have a job. When we finally moved out it was a relief for all concerned. So much so that the fact that we had moved into the basement of a mortuary didn't affect us so much. We were on our own. Great feeling. And you do deserve that bump up in your progress. CONGRATULATIONS!

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