When Crappy Becomes Awesome

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I’m sick.

Have been for the past three days. It all started Tuesday at work. I started feeling like I was going to pass out every time I stood up and was getting a little cold. I only had half an hour before my shift ended, but I was pretty sure I was going to die before that happened, so I asked to go home early. That night I ended up with a fever of 102.6. I can’t ever remember feeling so hot. It was miserable. The next couple of days I’ve been home feeling like crap, and today I (finally) went to the doctor because my place of employment requires a doctor’s note if you’re out for 3 days or more due to sickness. I have no doubt they had to include that rule because some jerkfaces were abusing it. **For all you fake sickers out there, man/woman up. Although I guess I did fake sick twice when I was a kid…once to get out of going to church and the other time to skip school and play Super Mario RPG. That was the best game ever. But I’m a man now and have put away such childish things.

The past couple of days have been great for my blog though. I got to spend some time on some Twitter conversations, getting to know some other Personal Finance bloggers. I got to see an article I wrote for a family publication get twice as many views in three days than I’ve had on this blog in the past one and a half months. It was a good reminder that I’ve got what it takes, I just need to be patient 🙂 Oh, and I also had my post from the other day about creating a family budget posted on the #3 Personal Finance site in the country! What what! I also wrote a guest post for another blogger who is a lot more popular than I am. I’ll let you know when that gets posted 🙂

And we’re moving tomorrow, which is just an amazing feeling, almost surreal. We haven’t had a lot of personal space for the last year (1/3 of our marriage…holy cow) due to living with in-laws and having my brother-in-law live with us back in Utah, so I don’t really know what it feels like anymore. And it’s not that we have disliked the past year. It’s been good to improve those relationships and see if they can stand the test of getting on each others’ nerves almost daily, but we’re ecstatic at the idea of being alone again.

Another win came when I went to get my prescriptions for my bronchitis and when the lady rang me up, it came to $35. I wasn’t very happy, because last time I got antibiotics it cost me $60 (although without my individual insurance policy discount, it would’ve been $120). So I told her that I switched my insurance a week and a half ago (finally got to ditch my individual plan in favor of the company group policy) and after she ran the info, it was only $5.45. Boom!

So even though I’ve been sick and I absolutely HATE the idea of it using up my PTO I’m saving for Thanksgiving weekend, there have been some awesome things that have happened this week. And that’s been great, because it seems that the first 8 month of this year, nothing has gone our way. So who knows what’s to come with the blog and everything else. All in all, I’m just grateful to be alive.

How has your week gone? Anything awesome happen? I dare you to one-up me!


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  1. That's a real bummer about the no alone time thing, but just look at it this way. It's just preparing you for children because when you have children you have zero alone time, so I guess that means I haven't had alone time for 24 yrs!

    Congrats on the success of your blog!

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