5 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Branded Promotional Products

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‘All that glitters isn’t gold’
You’d know this especially if you have ordered a promotional branded product only to realise upon delivery that it was not what it should have been. That basically summarises the real life experience of many. Every day, in large numbers people fall prey to the flashy advertisements promising things they either don’t intend to deliver or fail to do so. You can save yourself the utter disappointment by avoiding some of the most common mistakes people make when ordering branded promotional products.

Getting lured by the low cost products
You may feel the elated when you realise a brand is offering promotional products at discounted prices; don’t follow your heart in this matter. When you prefer cost over quality, you’re likely to fall prey to the schemes that only intend to draw money out of your wallet in exchange of peanuts (quite literally). No matter how much the price tags flash before your eyes, don’t make it your sole concern when ordering a branded promotional product – chances are you’d be disappointed with the item you receive.

Impulse purchases
We all know impulse buyers often end up stacking things they don’t really need. Not now; not even in the next six months. But that’s where marketers make it a point to attract them. The same happens when they see a promotional branded product which seems appealing to them because of the design, usability (in near future they can’t predict when exactly,) and when the appeal of the item as something trendy and cool. Making an impulsive decision to buy the branded promotional products would make you end up receiving things you do not find appealing later. You’d end up wasting your hard earned money over something you absolutely dislike.

Generic designs
If you are ordering promotional products make sure you don’t go for one with a generic design. Chances are they’d be produced in bulk and not tailored to your specific needs. Definitely something you won’t be satisfied with. Also, if these are items you wish to gift others, make sure you check the design specifications, colours, and other attributes of the product to ensure you get the product worth your money.

Not paying heed to reviews
What could be better than a friend or family member who has used the brand themself? If you fail to utilise their reviews and put it to good use yourself, you’re risking sheer disappointment. It is important to know about the product offering of a brand. It allows you to know their standards of quality and service before you make the purchase decision.

Ordering without a plan
The importance of planning can never be stressed upon enough. Especially when you’re ordering branded promotional products. You need to be certain about the items you want and their quality. Also, when you search for a branded product you need, make it a point to look for authentic distributers and check the quality standards too.

It is essential to avoid the above mentioned mistakes when ordering branded promotional products to make sure you get nothing but high quality items of use – the ones you actually paid for!


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