Make Bank with Toy Cars!

We all collected some sort of toys as we were growing up. Some of us even collected comic books as well that would be worth quite a bit of money if the parents wouldn’t have thrown them out (not bitter at all). Just watch the television show American Pickers and you will see that those old toys can sell for a pretty penny. If only we would have kept them as we got older.

A few of the most popular kinds of older toys that can fetch a good amount of money are toy cars. Cars have always been a favored toy to have as soon as we could crawl. Everyone can remember playing cars on their old linoleum floors, our mothers having to avoid them as they did their work in the kitchen. It’s always fun to take a look back at the good times in your childhood.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels originally launched in 1968 with only sixteen cars. Present day, there have been more than four billion produced now. We all had our favorites growing up from our Hot Wheels cars. As it turns out, they could definitely be worth something. Before you start tearing open your cardboard boxes packed away in the basement, let’s get an idea on how much they could be worth.

A quick scan of Ebay will show that the same cars you played with as a kid are available. However, if you want to recreate your childhood, you might have to pay a bit. One car with a common paint theme from the past might only have you paying ten or twenty dollars for your favorite Hot Wheels. Then there are other rarer ones that collectors are currently paying thousands of dollars for. A 1969 VW Beach Bomb is actually worth more than $70,000! Are you running down your basement stairs right now? It would be nice to have an overview of all catalogued miniature cars you can find online.

The Dukes of Hazzard

There are very few shows that have as catchy a theme song as The Dukes of Hazzard. It turns out that they also were ahead of the game in merchandising. If you happen to have an early 80s General Lee from Mego, then immediately take it away from your slobbering kid. You are holding $500 in your hands. And if you can recall that Boss Hog drove a Cadillac, then hopefully you have that one, too, from Mego. It’s rare as well, and sought after by collectors and fans. One still in the box could net you $4,000!

G.I. Joe Vehicles

The original G.I. Joe was a tall, bearded action figure with removable clothes. Your sisters might have used him as a date for Barbie when Ken was out of town. Hasbro relaunched the G.I. Joe toys again in the 1980s. The action figures were smaller, and there were vehicles to purchase as well. You can’t fight Cobra just on foot! Do some research on Ebay if you still have a few of those vehicles. Some of them can command hundreds of dollars.

Matchbox Cars

Matchbox cars began in 1953 as a three vehicle set. They were named Matchbox because the cars could fit in the small boxes you could get in the stores that would hold matches. Matchbox and Hot Wheels were competing companies up until 1997 when Mattel, the owner of Hot Wheels, acquired Matchbox as well.

Matchbox Cars always tried to keep their toys true to the actual real-life type of car while Hot Wheels would sometimes change it up a bit. Matchbox was just as popular back in the day as Hot Wheels. If you have some from the 1950s through the 1970s, do some research. You could have thousands of dollars in toy cars collecting dust. Might want to start paying more attention when shopping at garage sales!


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