Capital One 360’s Black Friday Deal: Earn $200 Easy Peasy

Capital One 360
Capital One 360
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[Updated: As of today, 12/2, Capital One 360 is no longer offering their $100 sign-up bonuses. But they still offer $50 for opening a checking account and $25 for opening a savings account regularly, so it’s still not a bad idea to check them out!]

Today is a crazy day for most people. I’m generally not a fan of the whole thing, although sometimes saving money on things I’m going to buy anyway motivates me to get out among the crazies. This year I’ve been able to largely avoid it by hanging out with my wife’s family in Hawaii 🙂 We did do a little shopping online, though, to get some movies we’ve been wanting to get for a while.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing today is because I wanted to give y’all an opportunity to make money on Black Friday instead of spend it. Capital One 360 is offering a Black Friday deal to get people to sign up for an online bank account. I typically avoid using this blog to blatantly recommend specific financial products, but I signed up for a Capital One 360 account last year during their Black Friday event myself. I had the intention of cancelling the account once I got the bonus, but I’ve loved it so much I’ve kept it.

Why I love Capital One 360

  1. You can connect your external accounts and make transfers between banks through your account.
  2. You can have up to 25 savings accounts. We have ones set up specifically for our tax savings, emergency fund, baby savings, Christmas savings, and extra debt payoffs. At the beginning of each month, an automatic transfer goes from the checking account to each savings account, helping us make sure we pay ourselves first.
  3. They actually pay interest. My previous savings account paid a measly 0.1% interest on my balance. This one pays 0.75%. Still not what it used to be, but I’m making dollars now instead of pennies.
  4. No fees!
  5. They use the Allpoint ATM network, which means 38,000 free ATMs across the country.

How to take advantage of the deal

The Capital One 360 deal is open now through Monday, December 1st, and is two-fold:

Checking account

  1. Open a 360 Checking account between November 28th and December 1st.
  2. Make an initial deposit of $250.
  3. Complete 5 debit card purchases or mobile check deposits (any combo of both) within 45 days.
  4. Receive $100 on Day 50.

Savings account

  1. Open a 360 Savings account between November 28th and December 1st.
  2. Make an initial deposit of $1,000 or more.
  3. Receive a $100 bonus immediately.

Both are pretty easy, right? And if you don’t want to keep the accounts, you can just open the accounts long enough to get the bonuses, link your current bank account to the Capital One 360 account, then transfer the money out and close the accounts. And while you’re at it, you can also score another $200 by opening an account with Nationwide’s online bank. I didn’t enjoy Nationwide as much, so I didn’t keep that one, but hey free money is free money!

Make some money this Black Friday

Guys, this is pretty simple stuff. If you’re willing to go through the effort to go brave Walmart or Target at midnight (or 6 p.m. now, apparently…), this should be a cinch. Click here to score the deal. Trust me, it’s worth the five minutes 🙂



12 thoughts on “Capital One 360’s Black Friday Deal: Earn $200 Easy Peasy

  1. So for the checking account I could just put $250 in and then mobile deposit like 5 checks written to myself for like $1 a piece? Heck, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to these, but that’s a pretty easy $100…

    1. I’ve done more churning credit cards than then bank accounts but I’ve made about $700 just from bank accounts. Credit cards have been closer to $3,000. As of the last time I checked my FICO score, it had actually gone up because of the way I timed it.

  2. Did this last year and it worked great. Will probably sign my wife up this time around. Churning bank accounts is fun, but I did recently find out that one of the local banks I churned a checking account with has something called an “early cancellation fee”. If I cancel the account before 180 days they charge me $75! Big banks are evil to the core. I love Cap One 360 but have switched to Ally because they have true free ATM access and check ordering.

    1. I made the mistake of adding both of us to the account last year, so I couldn’t do one for my wife this year 🙁 But yeah, you really have to read the fine print. I’ve got a couple other accounts still open just because I’ll lose the bonus if I cancel before a certain time. I’ll have to check our Ally. I’ve been meaning to for a while now…

  3. I think this is the way to go if you have to manage multiple accounts and you need to save time depositing to each one of them. Also having so many ATM’s makes it easy to access money from the outlets.

    1. I did the Chase checking too, but I hate how I have to do direct deposit for 6 months to keep my bonus. You should definitely try Capital One 360 out! The Black Friday deal is over but I believe they still offer $50 for checking and $25.

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