Dollar Shave Club Review: Delicious

dollar shave club reviewI don’t know about any of you other guys out there, but one thing I hate spending money on is razor blades. So eight months ago when I got an invitation to sign up for the Dollar Shave Club from a friend, I was intrigued. I had seen their hilarious video when it first came out in 2012, but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. I’ve had issues with crappy razors in the past and their blades can’t be that good if I’m only spending a few bucks a month on them, right?

Cheap Shaving

Anyway, this friend of mine would get $5 if I signed up and it was only $3 for the cheapest blade, so I decided to try it out. I thought about blogging about my experience back then, but decided to give it a little more time to try it out long term before making any sort of recommendation either way. So I started out with the Humble Twin, which is their cheapest blade at $1/month ($3/month with shipping and handling) for five blades.

As I had guessed, the shave wasn’t as clean as I’d get using my old Gillette blades at $3 a pop, but no one really notices when it takes a guy a couple of days to grow a 5 o’clock shadow. It actually got to the point where I switched to getting a pack of five blades every other month because I wasn’t going through them quickly enough (love this feature). Last time I checked, I’m just finishing up my blades from my March batch, so if at some point I do decide to turn it off, I’ll still have a few months of blades.

Other Options

Dollar Shave Club ReviewBut I understand that the Humble Twin isn’t going to cut it for some people. *Ahem, freaking sexy Jon Hamm and his glorious facial wool* So for people that are slightly more manly than me (only slightly), they’ve got the 4X blade at $6/month and the Executive at $9/month (UPDATE: Shipping is free on these two. Before, I had added the $2). Being the frugal person I am and not really knowing the need for the more expensive hardware, I reached out to the friend who originally invited me, and whose dark hair comes in a lot more quickly and noticeably than my reddish blonde, and asked him how he likes what he has.

He signed up for the 4X and said he absolutely loves it. He said he goes through blades quickly enough that the $8/month he spends would end up being $25/month if he still got his blades at Walmart. He even gave the shave butter 5 stars.


The other plus for me is the convenience of it all. While I still have to go to the store every 9 months or so to get shaving gel (yeah, I know. It’s almost embarrassing how long I can go without shaving), I don’t have to make a separate trip to Costco anymore to drop $50 on a giant pack of razors to get a discount, or stand in front of the selection of razors at Walmart, trying to come up with any excuse possible not to shave ever again.

Instead, every other month, I get a little package with a pack of razors and some hilarious toilet reading in the form of a newsletter. It’s really nice to not have to think about it. I guess I can chalk it up to automating one more thing in my busy life.

If you’re like me and aren’t sure if you want to commit to it, try it out for a month or two like I did before deciding. It took me a while to finally give in, but I’m glad I did.

Have you had experience with the Dollar Shave Club? 

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