Spreading the Gospel: Saturday Round-Up

Round up

I’m adding a new feature to make this blog a little more blogilicious. I’m obviously not the only or even the best source for all your personal finance needs, so I wanted to share a little bit of the wealth of knowledge I’ve learned this week from some of my fellow personal finance bloggers. It’s really amazing how much you can learn from other people, no matter how much you think you already know. I read a lot of blog posts throughout the week, but here are the ones that made the most impact on me:

Thoughts on Working Hard (and Working for Someone Else) by Holly @ Club Thrifty – I’ve always considered myself a hard worker, but I’ve become less and less enthused about the idea of working for someone other than myself. It was good to read this from someone who’s actually self-employed and doing what I want to do!

History of Homelessness by Kathleen @ Frugal Portland – I have a soft spot in my heart for the homeless. I honestly don’t care how they got into that situation. Everyone deserves to have their dignity, a warm meal, a warm place to sleep, and love. Kathleen shared an infographic that documents the sad history of homelessness.

Building a Secure Financial Base for Your Family by Matt @ Mom and Dad Money – To quote Matt, “My absolute primary financial objective is to make sure that my family always has enough money to meet their basic needs.” His post shares some basic insights on how to ensure that for your family.

The Obamacare Alternative That You’ve Never Heard Of by Jamie @ MoneyNing – This one was a late inclusion in the round-up. The idea was so interesting that I couldn’t pass it up!

I Quit My Job to Follow My Passion (Here’s How I Pulled it Off) by Stephanie @ The Empowered Dollar – This one’s for all those who want to quit their job and do what they love doing!

How We Sold Our Crap, Paid Off Our Debt and Moved to Thailand by Chris and Angela via Man vs. Debt – Are we sensing a pattern here? 🙂

The Best Strategies to Get Out of Debt and Become Happier in the Process by Sam @ Financial Samurai – I dig this one because it not only gives strategy tips on how to get out of debt, but he also talks about why we get into debt in the first place. And the top three are greed, stupidity and entitlement. Good read!

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! See you on Monday 🙂

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