Ways to Save the Most at the Grocery Store

If you are already avoiding eating out regularly and trying to keep your refrigerator and pantry full, you are already ahead of most Americans, who do not have a successful household budget.   You probably have seen the TV shows with the coupon clippers, reducing their total bill down to pennies on the dollar, but there are plenty of other ways to save at the grocery store without having your own stockpile of items that would bought because there was a coupon or are of no nutritional value.

Stick to Your Shopping List

The grocery store can be overwhelming with the endless aisles and shelves, but a few words of advice that will go a long way; get in and get out.  Sure, you always hear consumers say that they went in for milk and eggs and came out with a trunk full of groceries, but if you do not keep your head down and stick to your shopping list, you will be the next victim.  Trying zipping up and down the aisles quickly and avoid any impulse purchases the best that you can.

Eat Before You Shop

If you have ever gone to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you know that everything sounds good when you are hungry and the cart will fill up more quickly.  Do yourself a favor and sit down for a nice meal at home before you brave the grocery store.  The cart will fill less with snacks and more of the essential purchases.

Buy Store Loyalty Card Sale Items

Kroger, for example, has an excellent store rewards program where entering your phone number at the cash register can add up to significant savings over the total bill.  The item’s price tag will show extra savings by having a rewards card, so why not buy that specific brand instead if you can get it for cheaper.  If you shopping during non-peak times, such as during the week after work you can see more of the “10 for $10” and “Buy 5 Save More”, purchasing five items on sale and the items will have addition savings.

Shop Around at Non-Traditional Stores

Today stores such as Target are carrying more groceries than ever so it is worth looking around at other retail options to get a feel of comparable prices.  Be careful though because these stores will carry more than just groceries so if you start to browse around the rest of the store you may find yourself in the clothes or electronics aisles and making an unexpected purchase.

Use Cash Instead of Credit

Allotting the correct amount money to set aside for grocery shopping in a month is a way to keep a successful budget, so using cash instead of credit at the register is a great way to make sure that you have stayed within your budget.  Having a credit card can seem like an endless supply of money, until you get the bill in the mail, so you can avoid any extra charges by having set funds to use.


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