How to Make Your Boss Hate You

How to Make Your Boss Hate You

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If you plan to enjoy an interesting and rewarding career, the relationship you have with your boss is something you really need to look after.

This is about more than just the amount of work you do. It is also about how you go about your job and how you treat your boss. If you want to know how to make your boss hate you then here are a few of the easiest steps to take.

Show a Complete Lack of Initiative

If there is one thing most managers love to see it is someone who takes the initiative and comes up with ideas on their own. This doesn’t mean that you go in early one morning and change the entire filing system and office layout without telling anyone. However, it does mean that you try and think for yourself instead of expecting your boss to spoon feed everything to you. Your boss will definitely hate you if you get paralyzed into a state of complete inactivity whenever you come across something slightly new. Even if you don’t feel confident enough or feel you have enough authority to make big decisions, you can still go to them with your ideas and simply seek approval. As well as making your boss like you more, this also means that you will be in a better position to gain promotions in the future.

Have a Thoroughly Lazy Attitude

We all have bad days when we are low on energy and basically can’t be bothered doing an awful lot.
Your boss probably won’t mind if you have the occasional day like this but they won’t want to see you being lazy all the time. If you find that you simply can’t get going at work most days then you need to consider why this is. The most likely explanation is that you are in the wrong line of work and you need something which inspires and motivates you more. However, it could also be the case that there is some sort of health or fitness issue which is stopping you from giving your best. Some people find that doing a short bout of exercise in the morning gets them in the mood for a day at work. Whatever way you find to work harder, your boss will appreciate it and it could be a huge help for your career in the future.

Show a Total Lack of Respect

No matter what you think of your manager, the fact is that he or she is still your manager. This means that the minimum you need to do is show them the level of professional respect they deserve. If you think they are doing a bad job then this will no doubt be obvious to their own manager in due course anyway. If you start ignoring their instructions, answering them back in a bad way or otherwise showing a lack of respect then you can expect them to develop a hatred for you pretty quickly.

Make It Clear You Want Out

We all reach the stage when we decide it is time to look for a new job. This is perfectly natural but you don’t need to make it blatantly clear to your boss that you want out in any way you can. It is far better to work away quietly and look for a new position without anyone even noticing. If your manager is a sensible and decent sort of person then they won’t have any problems with you coming in one day and advising them that you are going to work elsewhere. However, they will probably hate you if you start to mouth off every single day about how you are desperate for a better job elsewhere.

Are there things that you think would make your boss hate you? Are you a boss that hates things about your employees?

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  1. My value is way above my office at the moment so they are pretty desperate to keep me (even though they have nothing to offer me). Ever since I was told that I could not get another job, I have made it clear that I was on my way out. Fortunately for me, my boss understands my issues and is working to help me get a better job elsewhere! All that sucking up helped!
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